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Thu Nov 9 18:10:15 EST 2006

I couldn't get through Queen of Attolia but I quite liked King of Attolia,
almost enough to want to go back and read Queen of Attolia. . . which
literally made me throw up because I was so upset by What Happened in the
beginning.  So I'd say it's worth checking out of your library, at least ;)


2006/11/9, Anna Zofia Skarzynska <ania.s at tiscali.co.uk>:
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> Gili:  Can anyone add specific recommendations for books that are:
> >
> > A. new
> > B. gripping, intelligent, imaginative, have a degree of humor and leave
> > you
> > feeling satisfied
> > C. standalone, if possible
> > D. slight preference for YA fantasy fiction, but anything goes
> >
> I really enjoyed Firethorn by Sarah Micklem- it is a no. 1 in a series,
> though. I am not good at reviews but I will say that it reminded me of
> Robin
> McKinley style-wise. Am looking forward to the sequel.
> And on another subject- am I the only person who was disappointed with the
> Queen of Attolia? I just could not see how anyone could fall in LOVE with
> someone almost unknown to him, not to mention a very unsympathetic
> character. I just couldn't make the leap. I loved The Thief but now I
> wonder
> whether it's worth trying the King of Attolia or should I just sell the
> first two on ebay and be done with them.
> Ania
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