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I sprung  for
_Wintersmith_, because I really liked the Tiffany Aching books  (especially
the first one), and found it to be awfully similar to the first  two.  Like,
the exact same story, only with different events, which is  kind of Terry
Pratchett's modus operendi.  While I enjoyed it, I had a  stronger reaction
to the blurbs on the front than the book itself, which is  to say that I
thought they were all depressingly idiotic and full of  references that
didn't make any sense.

Snap -- I felt much the same. And the COVER of the US edition was dreadful  
-- if there's any heroine in the WORLD who doesn't deserve to have her head cut 
 off and the title sprawled across her chest, it's Tiffany Aching, and the 
Wee  Free guy was purple, of all things. I guess blue wasn't girly enough for 
them,  and this cover just *had* to be girly.
I did enjoy reading _Wintersmith_, but it just wasn't nearly as memorable  an 
experience as either of the first two books. I think I may like it better on  
re-reading. (The Washington Post review that I just found said different: 
that  guy didn't like _A Hat Full of Sky_ as much and  thought _Wintersmith_ was 
back on track.) But I did have a good  experience in buying it: there is a 
bookstore in the neighborhood of my son's  school that always has a sandwich 
board outside with the first lines of a book  on it. If you can identify the 
quotation, you get 25% off any book in the store.  (It occurs to me that with the 
advent of BlackBerries and what not, people will  just stand in the street and 
Google this stuff ... they may not be able to keep  the policy up very long!) 
The quotation was "My name is Mary Katherine  Blackwood. I am eighteen years 
old, and I live with my sister Constance. I have  often thought that with any 
luck at all, I could have been born a werewolf,  because the two middle fingers 
on both my hands are the same length, but I have  had to be content with what 
I had." (Yes, you can Google this, if you want to  know what it's from. I had 
a nice conversation with the bookseller about the  author -- who at first 
said, "No, you're very close but that's not it" and then  went and checked and 
said, "So sorry, you were quite right, we wrote down the  wrong title by mis
take." I mean the bookseller did, not the author.)
I just discovered that I wrote "all these new oboks" in the header by  
mistake. I wonder what an obok is -- definitely sounds like a kind of antelope,  
don't you think? One with an oboe-like bray.  
Helen Schinske

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