[DWJ] Book recommendations

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Nov 8 14:48:33 EST 2006

Right - Dragon Rider is out of my bag again, and fingers are crossed 
you can get in, Gili!

Haven't read Journey to the River Sea, but I also have a big soppy 
soft spot for Company of Swans - which is beaten out for favourite (I 
think) by The Countess Downstairs.  The Great Ghost Rescue is my 
favourite of the fantasies - I like that Ibbotson seems willing to do 
what others would avoid, whether it's direct political comment in a 
children's book or wildly old-fashioned romance, in children's or 

The Thief Lord and even more, Inkspell, left me fairly cold, but for 
whatever reason, I thought Dragon Rider was great.


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