[DWJ] Book recommendations

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Wed Nov 8 10:21:49 EST 2006

I've been following the recent thread about new books with interest because
I'm looking to stock up on new reading material, and I've read none of them.
I'll be in London this weekend, very briefly, but a bookstore raid is
inevitable. Can anyone add specific recommendations for books that are:

A. new
B. gripping, intelligent, imaginative, have a degree of humor and leave you
feeling satisfied
C. standalone, if possible
D. slight preference for YA fantasy fiction, but anything goes

I've had some excellent recommendations from this list, and especially
appreciated being introduced to Bujold, Garth Nix, Connie Willis and
Elizabeth Pope. This time I'd like to be a bit more organised with my
shopping list, I've messed up a couple of times because I only vaguely
remembered the name of the book recommended (bought the disappointing "Speed
of the Dark" by Alex Shearer instead of the excellent "The Speed of the
Dark" by Elizabeth Moon, and Ibbotson's rather flat "Star of Kazan" instead
of Stroud's super "Amulet of Samarkand"... that kind of thing).


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