[DWJ] all these new books

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Nov 8 09:53:06 EST 2006


>Thanks, Hallie! I'll catch up with your blog, but first...I haven't read
>anyone's blogs for ages, and know very little about them, so I have to ask
>what's probably a stupid question: is 'behind a cut' a technical thing, or
>am I misunderstanding?

Sorry - I think it's probably an LJ thing, rather than a wider bloggy 
thing.  A cut just sets up a link (default text is 'Read more') in 
the entry, so that some or all of the entry isn't immediately 
visible.  It's handy if you're going on a bit (as I was), or if you 
include spoilers for a book or film (as I also was), because people 
can just scroll on down their friends page without having to scroll 
forever if they've no interest in reading something or having to 
attempt the scrolling-while-eye-averting thing.

I'll send you a very brief and spoiler free version of my gripes offlist.


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