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Roslyn rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Wed Nov 8 05:44:13 EST 2006

Hallie replied:

>I, Coriander, Sally Gardner
>Fly by Night, Frances Hardinge
>Endymion Spring, Matthew Skelton?

<<I just finished _I, Coriander_ recently, and have serious gripes with 
it, about which I held forth at some length (as my LJ flist will know 
- though it was behind a cut to prevent infliction on the 
uninterested!).  I'll be giving it to Charlie, so a more restrained 
response may be forthcoming soon. :) >>

Thanks, Hallie! I'll catch up with your blog, but first...I haven't read
anyone's blogs for ages, and know very little about them, so I have to ask
what's probably a stupid question: is 'behind a cut' a technical thing, or
am I misunderstanding?

<< _Fly by Night_ I read a while ago and thought it was very good 
indeed, though I wasn't as completely head-over-heels in love with it 
as many.  My copy was horribly bound, which didn't help reading 
pleasure any.

Haven't read _Endymion Spring_ yet but interested to at some point. 
Really pleased you loved _Limits of Enchantment_ and also _Od Magic_, 
though not as much as AoT either! >>

I'm glad you're glad! :-) I'm glad also that you liked these two.

<< Almost scared to ask, as I loved it but it doesn't seem to be getting 
much in the way of favourable reviews - anyone else read Sherwood 
Smith's _Inda_? >>

Can't help you out there, as I haven't caught up with it yet!


>I've read _Magic or Madness_, which someone has already mentioned, and
>really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the next one in the series. I
>read _Od Magic_ by Patricia McKillip, which I loved, though not quite as
>much as I loved _Alphabet of Thorns_, _Limits of Enchantment_ by Graeme
>Joyce (loved it--charming and funny with some fabulous writing) and _A
>Princess of Roumania_ by Paul Park, which I found disappointing, although I
>loved its main idea. It's been getting glowing reports, which I don't think
>it really deserves. I do want to know how it pans out, though! It's
>apparently only the first of not three, but four books, and the first was
>padded out to fit, which is one of its main faults. I also read _Shadow of
>the Wind_ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, which I thought deliciously gothic.
>I've love to know what others have been reading! I haven't got to _The
>Pinhoe Egg_ yet, because I'm still waiting for Justin of Slow Glass to get
>my copy! :-(
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