[DWJ] all these new books

Amy Lee Bennett alb15 at cornell.edu
Tue Nov 7 12:40:41 EST 2006

I listened to the audiobook of "I, Coriander," which was an absolutely
fabulous production -- really exceptional. I have no idea if my
reaction would be more lukewarm if I'd just read it in print (likeable
voices in my ear that sound like they're talking to me tend to make me
like books more than I might otherwise), but my reaction is
wholeheartedly positive. I just loved it, or certainly loved listening
to it. I sure wish I'd had it as a kid, too.

I'm partway through the audiobook of "Endymion Spring" and am vastly
unimpressed. Frankly, bored and impatient. It can't be the
performance, though, since the guy reading it has a lovely voice and
wonderful expression. I guess I just don't like the story. But it's
early yet -- sometimes I change my mind. It took me a while to really
get into Gruber's "The Witch's Boy" and DiCamillo's "Miraculous
Journey of Edward Tulane," for example It was the same problem with
both -- dislikeable main characters distanced by an omniscient
narrator (I *don't* mean this was a problem with the books, which it
wasn't -- only a problem with my liking the characters) -- but I was
very, very sad when they were over because I had gotten so involved in
the story and so attached to the characters by the end. And sometimes
I end up eventually getting totally caught up in an exciting adventure
story even if the book isn't technically very good. So I suppose that
could still happen.


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