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Mon Nov 6 09:38:54 EST 2006

On Sun, 5 Nov 2006, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
|new one is called _Keturah and Lord Death_--I'm *really* looking forward to
|getting it, once I have money again.  :)

I know that there was some serious buzz about Keturah; he got a
booklist star and was a national book award finalist. But while I
thought it was lovely, and it had a nice twist, I'm not quite
sure I would have called it -- well, national book award
material. It is a lovely book, and was thoroughly enjoyable to
read. And there, I must admit, I stop.

I would love to hear other people's opinions on this.

I am halfway through The Sharing Knife, now, and so far I am not
thrilled. Which isn't to say that the book is in any way bad, but
it also isn't Curse of Chalion, or Paladin of Souls, or Memory.
Enjoyable, though.

On the other hand, I'm rereading the Thief trilogy (backwards!)
this week, and I still love it like whoa.

"I assume that some great catastrophe has occured that would
require us to sit upon a weeping lady?"
	-- Loveday the butler, _Lady Dangerous_

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