[DWJ] all these new books

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Nov 5 17:20:01 EST 2006

 Minnow said about Bujold's latest offering:

I want the second half (or the other two thirds) before I judge the 
thing as a whole, but on what she's given us so far I found it worth 
reading.  It's got more going for it than the vast majority of the 
fantasy guff that gets into print; for a start she can write with 
reasonable style, and for another thing she makes her people believable,

to me at least.  I might get fed up with physically flawed heroes 
eventually, I suppose, but so far she's pulled that off reasonably well.

If anyone wants to run a "how does her treatment of someone with a 
missing arm compare with Dick Francis' Sid Halley?" discussion I'll 
stand well clear, but there might be a couple of interesting 
compare-and-contrast points to be made.

I haven't read the latest Bujold yet (or Dick Francis!) but another
one-handed hero (though with 2 arms) is Gen in King of Attolia, which I
recently read for the first time and Really Enjoyed. To the extent that
I came to work very sleep-deprived the day after finishing it. I blame
my sister, who lent it to me.

Another book I have seen around recently is 'Temeraire' by Naomi Novik.
Has anyone on the list read this? What do you think about it? Should I
try and get a copy from the library? After all I only have about 35
books at home waiting to be read . . .


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