[DWJ] Alison Bechdel

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Sun Nov 5 12:37:00 EST 2006


> > [smug] She signed all my books in London!
> That's certainly something to be smug about.  I've never met her,
> but she answered an e-mail of mine once.  And back when she was
> in the tsotchke business, she responded to something I wrote on
> the order form.  <sigh>

She once told me she liked my glasses. And thanked me for asking the
first question at a talk/Q&A she gave.

Robyn - she's a cartoonist who's been writing the long-running
political cartoon/soap opera comic Dykes To Watch Out For for over 20
years now, and has recently published an *awesome* 'graphic memoir'
about her relationship with her father. Her website and blog are all
together at dykestowatchoutfor.com now, I think - here:


might be a good place to start in finding out about her. I can see why
she'd appeal to DWJ fans: she's funny and clever and favours concrete
characters and situations over abstract nouns and stock adjectives
(you would never be able to summarize anything either of them wrote
along the lines of 'a Brave boy and a Clever girl discover the value
of Friendship!')

Love, Ika

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