[DWJ] Real-Life Millys

Juliette Curtis jcurtis at harvestroad.com
Thu Nov 2 02:28:37 EST 2006

We live next door to a real life Throgmorten called Sylvester. He is black
and white, looks like a penguin, beats up my cats whenever he can, and has
literally attacked me a couple of times. Now I go after him with a stick
whenever I see him. He was the one who declared war, not me. I use to think
my Manx cat Pixel was a Throgmorten, but Sylvester outThrogmortens her by a
long way.
(Pixel is named after The Cat Who Walks Through Walls because she could
probably walk through walls if she really tried. Also she is a small dot of
a cat and is covered with small ginger, white and black dots.)

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