[DWJ] Synopsis of Pinhoe Egg

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Tue May 16 12:26:28 EDT 2006

 Elizabeth wrote: 

> I don't know how people can bear to read the last page early 
> on!   It takes self-discipline, but I can't possibly read the 
> last page first  -- it ruins it for me.

There have been one or two books where I had to read the last page, just
to get rid of an unbearable level of suspense and be able to enjoy the
rest of the book! It can be quite nice to know the ending and then
follow the twists and turns of how you get there- like the nearest to
rereading with fresh eyes you can get, I suppose. I don't mind spoilers
much either (usually; there are twists in some things that I'm glad I
didn't know about in advance.) Mainly I read front-to-back, though. 

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