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Mon May 15 05:28:41 EDT 2006

>On Fri, 12 May 2006, Elizabeth G. Holtrop wrote:
>> I haven't seen the film, so I didn't know they'd axed the Donne
>> poem.  I'm disappointed to hear that.  I liked how it was the one
>> link between Howl's old world and his new one.

Paul wrote:
>Oh, that's all gone as well. Movie!Howl is Ingary born and bred.
>I'm not actually surprised that Miyazaki left out all the Wales and
>Donne stuff, because it would have been tricky translating it all for
>the Japanese audience. (Not to mention that leaving it out helps bring
>the story down to movie-length.)

I was slightly surprised, because when the Ghibli team were over here to
consult with DWJ they made a great point of going to Wales to find suitable
bits of it for the film; I seem to remember that she has been quoted as
saying she tried to tell them that central Cardiff wasn't all that there
was to the place.

Of course Cardiff wouldn't have been right anyhow, since Howl's sister
lived in Swansea.  :-)

>Although I was intrigued to notice that, even though movie!Howl is not
>from Wales and does not speak with a Welsh accent, the English dub
>stars a Welsh-born actor.

I don't remember him *not* coming from Wales, as it were; are we actually
given to understand that he is an Ingary native, or is it just left unsaid
that he's an asylum seeker or an illegal immigrant or whatever it is when
one busts into a country by magic without having all the proper paperwork
filled in in blood in quintuplicate?

I contemplate the reaction of yeraverage[1] British Home Secretary to the
advent of Wizard Howl with considerable amusement now that you've caused me
to think of this.  Thanks, Paul!  I needed a boost on a rainy Monday


[1] On the other hand I really don't want to contemplate a person who is an
average of our recent Home Secretaries: it would be too horrible!

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