[DWJ] help needed...

Mwa mwa at mwaness.com
Sat May 13 15:23:46 EDT 2006

> So. I run a teenage book group, and they have requested that our next topic
> be 'the book and the film'.
> and after wracking my brains for several weeks thinking about WHICH book
> and WHICH film, i have settled on Howl's Moving Castle. Because both are
> good, but they are very very different. So at our meeting, I want to read
> them a scene from the book, and then show them the same scene from the
> film, and then we can talk about how they're different.
> So I need suggestions of which scene. One that will provoke an interesting
> discussion.
My mum suggested either the visit to the castle, or fact they changed 
Suliman from a man to a woman. :P

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