[DWJ] coming in late

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Fri May 12 14:09:23 EDT 2006

I think marks here in Canada are much inflated compared to what I am 
used to, but nothing like as weird as some US systems I hear about. We 
have letter grades at my college, and the spread goes like this:

over 95 = A+
85-94   = A
80-84   = A-
77-79   = B+
75-77   = B
70-74   = B-
67-69   = C+
65-67   = C
60-64   = C-
57-59   = D+
55-50   = D
below 50 = F

Of course this makes no sense mathematically, since some grades have a 
much wider percentage range than others. Functionally, students can get 
a pass between a D and a C, but most of our programs require marks of C+ 
in order for  a course requirement to count as completed. That is, if 
you are taking, say, Journalism, and you are required to take an English 
class, you have to get a C+ for the class to count towards your degree.

Added to that is the student attitude than anything below an A is 
somehow unacceptable. I give very few As anyway because I get very few 
perfect papers. It adds up to some stress around final marking time.


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