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AFAIK you can get an LLM in Florence (Italy :-) Best of both worlds?! And
some German Unis offer LLM programmes, too. But don't ask me what law you'll
be master of, afterwards...


Sorry for the possibly unconnected answer -
I'm a lawyer in Germany, if you have some questions that you think I could
answer (obviously not concerning the German LLM programmes :-), but I could
check on them, too), don't hesitate to contact me off list.

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>   My friend who is studying law here in the US has told me that there's a
> special MA-level degree which is specifically geared towards peple who
> have already gotten degrees in law in other countries.  So you don't have
> to go through the same process that someone who's just beginning to study
> law goes through, but you also don't get thrown right into a different
> legal system.  It sounds pretty logical to me.
>      ---KyraThat  sounds logical to me.  I want to eventually work in
> international  law, so that leads to questions of the best place to get a
> degree.  I would love to study and live in Europe -- that has  always been
> my dream -- but perhaps an American law degree would be  appropriate if I
> wanted to work for the US government even overseas.
>   Sorry for being VERY off-topic.
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