[DWJ] Re: Congratulations, and an OT question

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at auckland.ac.nz
Tue May 9 17:14:19 EDT 2006

Laurie said:

Congratulations to Ania on the dissertation, and the job, and the ten 
pound note.  Your post also brought up a question thatc I'll ask to the 
whole list, since we are such an international crowd.

I teach at a university in the United States (I teach Spanish) and in 
our unit on Universities, we talked about the grading system in Spain, 
which is on a 0 to 10 point scale, with 5 points being passing, and 
along with the number there is a one word grade--for 5, it is aprobado, 
or "passing".  Here in the US we usually grade 0-100%, with the percent 
corresponding to a letter grade F--A (but no E, for some reason), with 
a passing grade varying, but where I teach,a 59% is the lowest passing 
grade (a D--).  That's why I was interested in Ania' 63 (it was 63, 
wasn't it?) which for what I teach would be barely passing, so i am 
glad you let us know that was a very good score. The reason this was on 
my mind is because yetserday I turned in final grades.

So, international list, anyone want to share grading around the world?

OBDWJ:  hmm... The Year of the Griffin is set at a university...

I endorse all the congratulations that have been shared - to Ania on your pass and to Hallie and Charlie, Dorian and Patrick, and the other happy couples! This list is both romantic and smart!

Here at the University of Auckland, as I am all too aware, the pass marks for Arts degrees go like this:
50-54% =C-; 55-59%= C ; 60-64% = C+, 65-69% = B- ; 70-74% = B; 75-79% = B+ ; 80-84% = A- ; 85-89% = A; 90 and above = A+. Honours are applied to the postgraduate degrees of BA (Hons) and MA (What used to be the MA has been broken down into 2 degrees, the BA (Hons) first, and subsequently, the MA.) First-class honours go to all the A grades, second-class, division 1 to B+. 

Too much information!

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