[DWJ] Re: Congratulations, and an OT question

Puszczewicz, Laurie Anne lpuszcze at indiana.edu
Tue May 9 13:38:47 EDT 2006

Congratulations to Ania on the dissertation, and the job, and the ten 
pound note.  Your post also brought up a question thatc I'll ask to the 
whole list, since we are such an international crowd.

I teach at a university in the United States (I teach Spanish) and in 
our unit on Universities, we talked about the grading system in Spain, 
which is on a 0 to 10 point scale, with 5 points being passing, and 
along with the number there is a one word grade--for 5, it is aprobado, 
or "passing".  Here in the US we usually grade 0-100%, with the percent 
corresponding to a letter grade F--A (but no E, for some reason), with 
a passing grade varying, but where I teach,a 59% is the lowest passing 
grade (a D--).  That's why I was interested in Ania' 63 (it was 63, 
wasn't it?) which for what I teach would be barely passing, so i am 
glad you let us know that was a very good score. The reason this was on 
my mind is because yetserday I turned in final grades.

So, international list, anyone want to share grading around the world?

OBDWJ:  hmm... The Year of the Griffin is set at a university...

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