[DWJ] My introduction

sylvia . . . harriet_thespy at hotmail.com
Mon May 8 22:53:00 EDT 2006

Hello, all!  I found this list through a Google search for info on the 
Pinhoe Egg (well, found the archives more accurately) and decided to sign 
up.  I first encountered DWJ's books when my aunt gave me "Charmed Life" at 
a fairly young age - nine or so, probably.  I read it countless times and it 
was one of my favorite books, but for some baffling and foolishly stupid 
reason it wasn't until high school that it occurred to me that -gasp!- she 
probably had written other books, too, and I could get them at the library!  
Shocking, I know.  I've read most of them, except for Time of the Ghost and 
the second two Dalemark books, which I have - for some reason, I just can't 
get into them - and a few that seem to be harder to find here in the US.  I 
know I can just order them used off Amazon or Ebay, but it's always so much 
more fun stumbling across them in used bookstores.

Anyway.  I live in Seattle, I'm 23, I'm a full-time student and part-time 
retail monkey, and I haven't yet decided whether or not it was a rape scene 
in Darklord.  But I plan on re-reading it again this weekend.


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