[DWJ] I've had the third degree...

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Mon May 8 00:09:03 EDT 2006

... result!

That's right- I had news that I got a very 
respectable 63% for my 
dissertation (the class swot, whom I admired for 
her combination of brains 
and hard work, got 66%). This means that I have 
completed the Archives 
Administration course and am now a fully 
qualified archivist with an MSc 
(Econ.)- in addition to the already possessed BA 
and PhD! I am naturally 

Then I had a job interview for a permanent 
jobshare at the county archive- 
and got it! I was flabbergasted, having convinced

myself that I wouldn't. I 
think they found it refreshing that I happily 
admitted that I had no 
practical experience of any kind of supervisory 
role, or of modern records 
management. And the presentation I had to, erm, 
present went pretty well, 
somehow. Wheeee!

My other employers (also pt time) agreed to 
reshuffle my hours so I can keep 
that job too!

And today I found a ten pound note.

Now I am waiting for horrible retribution for all

this good luck. I think 
it's Catholic guilt surfacing.

Heh, Ania, I can't think of anyone more deserving
of such good fortune. You've worked hard for it
too (well maybe not the ten pound note!). Well
done, I'm very pleased for you.


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