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Irina Rempt <irina at valdyas.org> wrote:  On Saturday 06 May 2006 18:44, Otter Perry wrote:

> In any case, younger people can take it out from the adult section,
> can't they?

Erm, not everywhere. My twelve-year-old was told that she couldn't take 
out books from the adult section, unless it was for school.

So she got a note from her English teacher that she needed Terry 

But this is the Bad Library that I've ranted about before: the one that 
records everything you borrow and refuses to delete the list (that's 
the main reason that my other half and I stopped using it) and doesn't 
let children borrow classical music.


  My library only allows children to check out 6 items at a  time, but as far as I know they're allowed to select books from any  part of the library.  I know that small libraries have rules like  this in part to make sure that the items are distributed fairly, but it  drove me mad when I was young and still drives me up a wall on occasion  -- even now, when I have the privilege of checking out a whopping 20  items at a time!  Luckily I have access to have a huge library  system in a neighboring big city, for the use of which my family is  happy to cough up $25 per year.

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