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Rosemary Hopkins rosieburroughs at yahoo.com
Sun May 7 04:02:14 EDT 2006

I came to DWJ's books in stages. First, aged 10 or so, I read Charmed
Life and Magicians of Caprona at school, loved them, and trundled off
to the library to find more. In the children's section, Witch Week,
Archer's Goon - great; Fire and Hemlock - yuk no way, this book is
about a GROWN-UP! A couple of years later I discovered the YA section
and read Howl and Homeward Bounders, but refused to try F&H again. I
still think of it as on a slightly different level to the Chrestomanci
and Howl books, and would class it (if I had to) as YA rather than

In the sixth form at a dreary boarding school, I discovered I had
enough freedom at last to join the local library. More DWJ. I liked A
Tale of Time City and a couple of others, and in my new great maturity
thought I should perhaps give F&H another chance. One of the best
decisions I ever made. I was blown away.

However, this library also contained Spellcoats, which bored me, and
Time of the Ghost, which freaked me. Joining this list while I was at
university (I think) got me reading most other DWJ, but it's only in
the last five years that I've re-tried (and enjoyed) the Dalemark
books. TOG is still probably my least favourite DWJ, but on past
experience I may have an epiphany and be claiming it as my favourite in
10 years' time!


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