[DWJ] violence fixed by magic (spoilery for Dark Lord)

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Sat May 6 22:05:35 EDT 2006

Just a quick comment on my take on what actually
happens in Dark Lord. It's been a while since I
read the book but I did give the passage in
question a pretty careful read. My conclusion is
that while the soldiers certainly wanted to rape
Shona, and would have done so had Scales not
turned up, they basically would have got in each
other's way. So,while Shona was subjected to some
pretty terrifying sexual battery,it was short of
actual rape.

The brutality of the criminal soldiers in Dark
Lord fits in pretty well with what we know of
real world warfare of course and sheds a pretty
ugly light on what was happening to the
inhabitants during the tours. Most people
wouldn't have deus ex machina coming to their
rescue. What are nunneries for again?

Um, this was meant to be a short post but........
In conclusion something that always bothers me in
books is the "Step over the corpses and get on
with the action." syndrome. On the other hand I'm
well aware that during wartime or natural
disasters many people do just "get on with it"
Like anything else in fiction it's down to the
author's handling as to whether the characters
are behaving plausibly and consistently with the
inner workings of the book and outer workings of
the world.

Count me as another who will have to reread Dark
Lord with attention to the darker side. It does
make me wonder too how much the world and it's
inhabitants had been corrupted and brutalised by
the Tours and how much they were chosen as the
hosts because this kind of thing was what their
world was like in the first place.  perhaps we
could have another group read/reread and

"In conclusion" was two paragraphs ago butb now
I'm thinking about Olga's terrible father in Year
of the Griffon and her would be bridegroom
rapist. That always makes me shudder too.


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