[DWJ] violence fixed by magic (spoilery for Dark Lord)

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat May 6 19:26:32 EDT 2006

Deborah wrote:

>I don't mind magic as a new weapon in our arsenal of time, drugs,
>therapy, friendship, chocolate, television, luck and
>what-have-you that we currently use to confront emotional
>problems.  But magic that just *undoes* the problem altogether,
>makes there be no effects to events, that's cheating to me.  In
>fiction, I want my characters to react and change according to
>the events they experience.  In real life, now, that's a
>different story. *g*  But in fiction, I believe in hope and in
>healing, but I also want to see characters have to grow and

There I would agree, and I suspect that since it's what DWJ seems to be
saying most of the time -- magic *isn't* a quick-fix solution to really
serious things, it's more likely simply to add confusion to the situation
unless it is used thoughtfully and carefully -- she'd agree too.

>(To be fair to Dark Lord, Shona doesn't technically have the rape
>undone.  I believe it's described as if the event now feels
>distant enough that she can process it, as if it happened a while
>ago.  But because it's not her story, and becase it's
>fundamentally a funny book, we don't see that processing.  She
>says "oh, good, I can process now" and then goes about her
>business apparently unchanged.  In my opinion, anyway.)

In Blade's opinion as well, think on.  He "found himself beaming with
relief.  Shona was back to normal, and her old bossy self."

>Does that make sense?

It does.  What *wouldn't* make sense, to me, would be for someone to be so
entirely unconcerned that his sister had been gang-raped.  Are we assuming
that Blade would be ignorant of sex?  He does *seem* to know about it.  And
the nasty suggestions about Shona that are made by the soldiers earlier are
in a section that's being told from Blade's PoV, so one assumes he is aware
of what they are suggesting.  Wouldn't he be a bit upset if he knew they'd
*done* what they'd been talking about?


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