[DWJ] Hi everyone!

Charles Butler charlescbutler at btinternet.com
Sat May 6 18:20:10 EDT 2006

I too have a boring story to tell about my first DWJ. In fact, I was bored myself when it happened. As a young lecturer, about 15 years ago. I was given the role of student adviser, which meant that I had to sit in a dingy classroom for an hour once a week, waiting for Education students to come and ask me for worldly advice - which I was singularly ill-equipped to give. Luckily no students ever turned up, but to pass the time I began exploring the cupboards in that room, in one of which I found about 20 copies of *Charmed Life*. I only read one of them, but I was impressed - and followed it up with whatever I was able to find in the local library (*Witch Week* and *Black Maria* were amongst them). But the local library didn't really have much, and I soon ran out of DWJ fodder. I got my second wind in 1995, coming across a copy of *Archer's Goon* at a residential writers' course, and being blown away by it. *Fire and Hemlock* soon followed, and then the rest...
  Oh, and (if it's not too late by now) welcome to the newbies and unmasked lurkers of the last few days!

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