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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Fri May 5 22:23:34 EDT 2006

I used to rag my friend Fen (hi Fen! I hate you now; I spend way too much on
Stikfas thanks to you and Mitch, you are both foul denizens of the pit)
about how she would read one book by an author, love it, and then never look
for more by that author.  Except I realized that I did this with DWJ's
books.  My discovery story, in four acts with intermission:

Act One: At 12 or 13 I read _Power of Three_ and thought it was great,
though I did not fully understand who the "giants" were.  Didn't look for
any more by DWJ.

Act Two: At 14 I stumbled on _The Ogre Downstairs_ and so totally did not
get the story.  Again, no followup.

Act Three: At 17 I read _Howl's Moving Castle_ on the recommendation of a
friend (who was, incidentally, one of the four people responsible for
recommending %50 of the books/authors I love) and LOVED it, but was too
dense to go looking for more.

Intermission:  What I find really weird about this story is that I remember
in some detail all three of the DWJ books I read but did not follow up

Act Four:  I have absolutely no idea which book caused me to start reading
DWJ.  I know I'd read both _Archer's Goon_ and _Fire and Hemlock_ before
1990, but aside from that I might have sprung fully grown from the head of
Zeus with a complete memory of every book published before that.  Except
_The Ogre Downstairs_, which I read later and laughed myself silly over,
which just goes to show...actually I don't know what, but clearly I had a
lot to learn still when I was 14.

Melissa Proffitt
(and Jacob just re-read _Fire and Hemlock_ for only the second time, lucky

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