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> Alex replied to me...
> > 
> > Heh, mine is less interesting than that! :P
> > My mum gave me Charmed Life and told me to read
> it, so I did. =P
> > Ever since then, I've loved the books. xD
> Okay, you win.  Most Boring Discovery of DWJ Award
> goes to Alex. :-)
Our children's discovery stories would be similar.
Younger Australian members, and older ones with
children, are probably aware of the Ashton's
Scholastic book club that opperates through schools.
Every month the kids get a catalog and are able to
order books. In one was "Howl's Moving Castle" I told
them they had to order that one and read it. They did
and were hooked ever after.
As for myself I suspect that the DWJ I ever saw was
"Eight Days of Luke" as I have a theory that every
school library in Australia has a copy. Certainly
there has been a copy in the four I have run. The book
didn't spark my interest so I never read it until much
later. While in my second school in about 1980 at some
in-service training DWJ's "The Power of Three" was
recommended as an outstanding example of YA fiction.
The other books recommended were Lee Harding's
"Discplaced Person" (recently mentioned on this list -
and a book I'd read as soon as it came out as I knew
Lee Harding through fandom),  something by Tannith Lee
and Patricia McKillip (both authors I knew). There
were also quite a few regular books recommended, most
of which I bought for school and read. But I couldn't
get the DWJ and still wasn't excited by the look of
8DOL so I didn't get into her just then althoug kept
an eye out for her. I was running the Ashton
Scholastic book club in my school when an issue with
Archer's Goon appeared. I ordered the book for myself,
read it and was hooked ever since. I think the next
one I read was the Power of Three after I found a
second hand copy. It was still several years before I
finally got round to 8DOL.


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