[DWJ] Hello :)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri May 5 11:31:46 EDT 2006

Welcome to all newcomers!

Not quite insane enough to say your thesis (with Jackie as director) 
sounds like 'fun', Rene, but it certainly sounds about as close as a 
thesis could be to that!  (I managed to write one essay on F&H and 
the Odyssey, for a tutor who'd never heard of Diana Wynne Jones. 

Any chance of getting the paper put up somewhere so we can see? 
Definitely sounds very interesting.


>Hi All...
>OK, I should do this too.  I joined the group about a year ago 
>because I'm doing my thesis on Fire and Hemlock.  At first I was 
>going to do it on seven books but that dwindled to four and then 
>just the one.  I think, though it's so hard to choose, that Deep 
>Secret is my favorite DWJ book.  I really appreciate that DWJ does 
>great things with language.  The stories are fabulous but the 
>language style makes them truly enchanting.
>I must also mention that Jackie Stallcup told me about this list. 
>She is my thesis director and has been a big help.  She's really 
>great and great at what she does!  (as always, thanks Jackie!)
>I am attending the ChLA conference in June and the paper I'm giving 
>is based on one chapter of my thesis.  It's about the transformation 
>of a female character from the traditional literary model to a true 
>hero in the classic tradition - basically, how Polly is a feminist 
>hero without losing her femininity.  Hopefully I will make sense!
>Thanks to everyone on the list for your insightfulness and the great 
>discussions!  Thanks for all your help too!

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