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So is mine. Library, around 12 years old, don't remeber which it was,
probably Charmed Life or Magicians of Caprona.

But my "rediscovery" story is a bit more interesting. A few years ago I
bought the first Harry Potter for my mother, who is an English teacher (I'm
German, btw) and read it, too. I liked it, but thought that the hype wasn't
that jusitified. There had been magical stories around for much longer, I'd
read them as a kid. And what felt like "gaps" to me in the first Harry
Potter had been, I felt, done in a better way. By that author I loved so
much that her books were among the few treasured children's books I kept in
my bookcase (the others had to be packed away due to lack of room). So I
went and reread them, Charmed Life, Power of Three, Magicians, Archer's Goon
(by... DWJ... surprise!). And checked the internet, discovered the newer
ones and the list. :-)

Then I started reading DWJ in English, which led to a very strange "deja
vue" (sp? or should that be deja lit?) when I only noticed about twenty
pages into Witch Week that I had already read it as a kid.


also welcoming our newbies :-)

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> On Fri, 5 May 2006, Emma Comerford wrote:
> |I think I have the most boring discovery story, as I just sumbled across
> DWJ in
> |the library when I was about 12. I can't even pin down which DWJ I read
> first!
> Mine's pretty similar -- Charmed Life in the library when I was
> about 12.  The one with the vaguely 70s Yellow-Submarinish cover
> art, where Gwendolyn's hair is a big yellow bumpy blob.
> -deborah
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