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At 04:54 AM 5/05/2006, shawyer at mail.utexas.edu wrote:
>Quoting Elizabeth Bouma-Holtrop <elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com>:
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>For some reason, I love hearing "how I discovered" (new author, new genre, new
>place, new obsession) stories. I think I like to think of all the webs,
>networks, and six-degrees-of-separations that thread all around the world.
>My DWJ discovery story is:
>I had a foster sister who had a grandfather in England who used to send her
>British books and children's magazines. They all seemed so wonderfully foreign
>and exotic, appearing magically in the post every now and then, smelling 
>of far
>away shores. . . and that's how I met DWJ, through THE OGRE DOWNSTAIRS, 
>sent to
>my sister from the mysterious and surely wondrous town of Cambridge.

I think I have the most boring discovery story, as I just sumbled across 
DWJ in the library when I was about 12. I can't even pin down which DWJ I 
read first! IIt was either Lives of Christopher Chant or Tale of Time City. 
I didn't actually realise until a few years later that they were by the 
same author - I think I thought one was a Mahy. The local library had a 
great collection of DWJ for a long time, until I discovered one day that 
they had all disappeared in one of those "get rid of the old books" 
campaigns. This was the first of many traumatic missing book events that 
led me to find and hoard my own copies of favourite books :)


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