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shawyer at mail.utexas.edu writes:
> Does anyone on the list have a really great, or fun, DWJ discovery story? I'd
> love to hear it,

I always liked fantasy, and read DOGSBODY in the usual run of things. Then 
OD. I liked them both, but when I got PoT I loved the first 2/3 and then 
felt it had gone off a bit... Next time, she'll get it right, I thought. 
Oddly, I can't remember what the next one was - CL, I suspect - but I was 
delighted to be proved right. (Smug teen that I was...) 

Annie Dalton wrote Out of the Ordinary and I found it flawed but endearing. 
I thought her next one would be really top class, but though technically 
very good, it had lost the endearingness. However, her third or fourth 
fulfilled the promise. 



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