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shawyer at mail.utexas.edu shawyer at mail.utexas.edu
Thu May 4 14:54:55 EDT 2006

Quoting Elizabeth Bouma-Holtrop <elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com>:
>Without knowing about the  movie, last summer I
> decided to check out some of DWJ's books, after  years of friends
> recommending her to me, and what can I say?  I  fell instantly in love!
For some reason, I love hearing "how I discovered" (new author, new genre, new
place, new obsession) stories. I think I like to think of all the webs,
networks, and six-degrees-of-separations that thread all around the world.

My DWJ discovery story is:
I had a foster sister who had a grandfather in England who used to send her
British books and children's magazines. They all seemed so wonderfully foreign
and exotic, appearing magically in the post every now and then, smelling of far
away shores. . . and that's how I met DWJ, through THE OGRE DOWNSTAIRS, sent to
my sister from the mysterious and surely wondrous town of Cambridge.

Does anyone on the list have a really great, or fun, DWJ discovery story? I'd
love to hear it,


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