[DWJ] Hi everyone!

Mwa mwa at mwaness.com
Thu May 4 13:56:00 EDT 2006

>>  I'm new, too, and haven't introduced myself yet.  I joined just  the other day, having been directed here from the DWJ Live Journal fan  group.  I discovered DWJ only last summer and have been gobbling  up her books ever since, but I still haven't read a lot of what I'm  beginning to realize are her "classics" -- the ones the longer-term  fanbase love the most.  I started with The Merlin Conspiracy and  went from there.  
> See, we *knew* that movie would bring in new fans. *g*

actually, I was reading the Chrestomanci books long before the movie 
came out. ;3

> Welcome, newcomers!

Thanks again. :P


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