[DWJ] Hi everyone!

Mwa mwa at mwaness.com
Thu May 4 13:17:23 EDT 2006

> On Thu, 4 May 2006, Mwa wrote:
>> I've just finished reading Deep Secret, The Dark Lord of Derkholm and
>> Year of the Griffin in quick succession,
> Darnit, now I want to reread those. And I've got a huge paper due
> tomorrow.

I'd suggest doing the paper. :P
After finishing Year of the Griffin, it just left me wanting more, and I 
couldn't concentrate on anything but thinking about the story for the 
whole day, which meant I did basically no schoolwork.

Do the paper, and it'll seem so much better when you do actually re-read 
them. ;3

> Evil temptation aside, welcome to the list. :^)

Thanks. :3


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