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> Finding myself in a fury and a car, I sought refuge with my main spiritual
> safety-valve, and whilst I was being gently coaxed back innto a semi-human
> state I asked her about this point.
> Howell Jenkins played rugby for Swansea University, and his doctoral thesis
> was on Spells -- his first degree was in Philosophy (probably Philosophy
> with something-or-other, but his interest was philosophy).  One day he
> found himself being pursued by the four brothers of a young lady he'd
> played ever so slightly fast-and-loose with (no surprises there) who were
> chanting "Blood for Blod!" as they chased him down the street.  Each of
> them was a huge forward who seemed to plan to use Howell's head for a ball.
> Luckily a wing can generally run faster than a forward, and he stayed
> ahead of them as he made for the shelter of his sister's house, galloping
> up the steep streets and skidding on the corners like a centaur.   He
> wasn't a magical practitioner in Wales, but he had been reading some
> particularly interesting spells that week, and as he ran he recited one of
> them; his hand on the doorknob of the house he intended to take refuge in,
> he cried out the final word of this spell, and as the door opened found
> that instead of his sister's hall, it opened into Mrs. Pentstemmon's foyer.
> Since the pursuit was hot on his heels, he didn't hesitate, but dived
> through the door and slammed it behind him.
> So now we know.  That's how he got into Ingary.  Of course, once he had
> demonstrated such powerful and completely untrained magical ability, Mrs. P
> had to train him, or there was no telling what trouble he might cause by
> accident.
> It really wasn't her fault that after she *had* trained him, he still
> caused trouble both by accident and on purpose.  It was simply in his
> nature.
> Minnow
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Oooh, thank you Minnow (and thanks, DWJ, too!).  That's a lovely story,
and very DWJ-ish, it's vaguely reminiscent of Charles in _Witch Week_
whilst at the same time having a perfect Howl flavor ;-).  Would you
and/or DWJ mind particularly if I shared this with people not on the list?


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