[DWJ] Howl's dissertation on spells

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Mon May 1 12:12:44 EDT 2006

>>>> The other thing I wonder is whether Howl could do magic before he
>>>> started working on his dissertation and picked it because he had
>>>> special access, or if he started learning how to do it for real
>>>> while working on his dissertation.Ý I think the latter would make
>>>> for a really good story
>>> Now there's a prequel we'd all be interested in. How did Howell
>>> Jenkins find his way into Ingary?

Finding myself in a fury and a car, I sought refuge with my main spiritual
safety-valve, and whilst I was being gently coaxed back innto a semi-human
state I asked her about this point.

Howell Jenkins played rugby for Swansea University, and his doctoral thesis
was on Spells -- his first degree was in Philosophy (probably Philosophy
with something-or-other, but his interest was philosophy).  One day he
found himself being pursued by the four brothers of a young lady he'd
played ever so slightly fast-and-loose with (no surprises there) who were
chanting "Blood for Blod!" as they chased him down the street.  Each of
them was a huge forward who seemed to plan to use Howell's head for a ball.
Luckily a wing can generally run faster than a forward, and he stayed
ahead of them as he made for the shelter of his sister's house, galloping
up the steep streets and skidding on the corners like a centaur.   He
wasn't a magical practitioner in Wales, but he had been reading some
particularly interesting spells that week, and as he ran he recited one of
them; his hand on the doorknob of the house he intended to take refuge in,
he cried out the final word of this spell, and as the door opened found
that instead of his sister's hall, it opened into Mrs. Pentstemmon's foyer.
Since the pursuit was hot on his heels, he didn't hesitate, but dived
through the door and slammed it behind him.

So now we know.  That's how he got into Ingary.  Of course, once he had
demonstrated such powerful and completely untrained magical ability, Mrs. P
had to train him, or there was no telling what trouble he might cause by

It really wasn't her fault that after she *had* trained him, he still
caused trouble both by accident and on purpose.  It was simply in his


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