[DWJ] Survey Part 3: Mahy

sally at sallyodgers.com sally at sallyodgers.com
Thu Mar 30 17:12:04 EST 2006

Troy in "The Haunting" could well be a DWJ character. The similarities lie 
partly in the theme of magic-as-organic-power. Sophie, Troy, Sorry, Laura 
and Polly all share an innate magic that can be beautiful and positive... 
but which could turn on them if they didn't take care. It's utterly 
different from the magic most writers conceive. 

BTW, I have Charlie's "Fetch of Mardie Wall" (sp?) and can't wait to crawl 
to the top of the pile of assessments I have to do in order to "earn" the 
time to read it. 


Challenges failed; a failure descried-
Eleven men down- seven over the side. 

(Tom Journeyman) 

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