[DWJ] RE: Survey: Mahy

Roslyn rosgross at bigpond.net.au
Thu Mar 30 08:16:59 EST 2006

<< I wasn't the person who compared DWJ to Mahy, but I agree that they have
similarities. For me, it's the... texture? of the worlds they create,
the telling details that make them seem real. And non-gormless


I'm the one who said that Mahy is the writer who most reminded me of DWJ, 
and I think you've expressed it very well! There is also a sort of 
fellow-feeling about their themes.

With the caveat that I've only read two of Mahy's books (IIRC), I do think 
that Mahy's writing feels less out-and-out accomplished than DWJ's. DWJ's 
plots are much more complex and masterful (not to say convoluted), and the 
characters aren't so distinctive (for example, in the two novels, the female 
characters have kind of merged in my mind, as have the male characters and 
the villains). But there is a DWJ "feel" about the Mahy I've read so far.

I do need to read more Mahy! She's coming to Australia next year (2007) for 
the Natcon. And the first episode of "Maddigan's Quest" is on TV on Friday 
on Channel 9, at 4 PM...(Thanks for that, Jon! I checked and it's on!)


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