[DWJ] Re: Survey Part 3: Everything Else

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Wed Mar 29 05:54:24 EST 2006

Rowland, Jennifer A B writes: 

> I wasn't the person who compared DWJ to Mahy, but I agree that they have
> similarities. For me, it's the... texture? of the worlds they create,
> the telling details that make them seem real. And non-gormless
> protagonists. 

They both had characters named Chant, too... Laura Chant is the protagonist 
of M. Mahy's THE CHANGEOVER... and of course DWJ used the same title for a 
different book. Laura is an intrepid and passionate girl in the Polly mode. 


Challenges failed; a failure descried-
Eleven men down- seven over the side. 

(Tom Journeyman) 

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