[DWJ] RE: Survey Part 3: Everything Else

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Mar 29 04:33:56 EST 2006

Dorian wrote:
>  So now [Duane]'s writing "The Big Meow" as a 
> subscription-based thing and publishing it online.  See her 
> blog and website for more details.
> (Being one of the cat-wizard fans, I think this is fantastic. 
>  I haven't been able to afford to subscribe yet, though I 
> hope I will soon, but the first chapter is currently available free.)
> Maybe when she finishes this, you "Door into" fans could 
> persuade her to do the book you want on this basis...

Now there's an idea. I like the cat-wizard series, just not enough to
put it down as a favourite, but I'd subscribe to The Door Into

I wasn't the person who compared DWJ to Mahy, but I agree that they have
similarities. For me, it's the... texture? of the worlds they create,
the telling details that make them seem real. And non-gormless


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