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sally at sallyodgers.com sally at sallyodgers.com
Tue Mar 28 00:15:29 EST 2006

Glad you're OK, anyway, Melissa. The book you found was probably Blinky 
Rescues the Budgie, which is a "novelisation" of a TV script written for a 
series based on a film based on a classic Aussie character. NOT my finest 
hour, but it bought some groceries. How I wish people would donate - say - 
the Jack Russell series ( see it at 
http://sallyodgers.50megs.com/jackrussell.htm ) to libraries! It's going to 
be available in the US, UK and probably Canada this year, so we're quite 

(Shameless advertisement over... um ... ODWJM... I wonder what Jack would 
have made of Sirius? )


Challenges failed; a failure descried-
Eleven men down- seven over the side. 

(Tom Journeyman) 

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