[DWJ] Survey Part 3: Everything Else

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Thanks so much for doing this.

For the record, I'm the one with favorite musicals and musical that
make me scream, etc.


On 3/24/06, Hallie O'Donovan <hallieod at indigo.ie> wrote:
> I am particularly curious as to whether anyone else on the list reads
> _Hitherby Dragons_ (up until very recently, at rebecca.hitherby.com,
> although it seems to be changing over to imago.hitherby.com.  If they
> don't, they should!  It also features a young girl who isn't actually a
> young girl, exactly, with a brother named Martin who isn't actually her
> brother, exactly, so look - _Hexwood_-elements!).
> A A Attanasio - Radix especially, which I bought remaindered years ago.
> I've never met anyone else who has read any of these books, and would
> be curious to know other people's reactions.  Although I haven't
> re-read any for years, so I don't know if my tastes will have changed!
> -Pulp, Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts, Belle & Sebastian, anything and
> everything British from the 60s, "~Thanatos~ If I Can't Be Yours"
> from the _End of Evangelion_ movie, Franz Ferdinand
> -pop classical like Greig and 1812 Overture, prog rock like Ladyhawke
> and Journey to the Centre of the Earth and War of the Worlds.
> -Favourite composers Sibelius, Bartok, Copland.  Favourite
> songwriter, and very influential on my compositions, Kate Bush.
> Favourite piece in which to take part, "Dark Sun" by Stephen Montague.
> - classical & instrumental, (lush orchestral
> with lots of strings, or stirring brass - any
> brass actually), some jazz - the Sunday afternoon
> variety rather than the heavy sort. Favourite
> composers are Mozart, Vivaldi & Handel
> - lots of folk & trad, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Azure Ray, Pretty
> Balanced, The Mediaeval Baebes (more recent), Loreena McKennitt, Dead
> Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard, Jose Gonzalez
> Favorite Broadway Musicals:" Sweeney Todd" and "The Music Man" (ain't
> that a combination!)
> Musicals where I scream when the ending is reached : "Rent" (Mimi
> should stay dead, do you hear me? Dead!) and "My Fair Lady" (She goes
> back to him? Shaw had it figured out ages earlier!)
> Favourite composers- Benjamin Britten, Arvo Part, William Byrd, J.S.
> Bach, Osvaldo Golijov ("La Pasion Segun San Marcos"!!!)
> Favorite performers: Ian Bostridge, Anne Sophie von Otter, Glenn
> Gould, The Tallis Scholars, The Kronos Quartet, The Emerson Quartet
> ("The Art of Fugue"!!!!)
> - The Bills, The Magnetic Fields, The Ditty Bops, ABBA (sorry), The
> Eurythmics, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Y'all, kd Lang, Annie Lennox,
> Andrew Bird, Bobby McFerrin, Jane Siberry, Leonard Cohen, Rufus
> Wainwright, Dolly Parton
> - Breakfast at Tiffanys; An Affair to Remember; Dogma: Pirates of the
> Caribbean;
> Last of the Mohicans; Most of Miyzaki's
> - Dogville
> - Favourite film last year : Wallace and Gromit- the Curse of the
> Were-Rabbit. (Howl's Moving Castle and Serenity tie for second place.)
> -'The Sound of Music'; 'Strictly Ballroom'; 'Brassed Off'; 'Romeo &
> Juliet' (Zeffirelli); 'Much Ado about Nothing' (Branagh); 'Lord of
> the Rings'; 'Chariots of Fire'; 'Shakespeare in Love'; 'The Parent
> Trap'; 'The Shawshank Redemption'; 'Gone with the Wind'.
> -To Kill a Mockingbird, The Manchurian Candidate (the
> original!), The Usual Suspects, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,
> Serenity
> Most Detested Movies: Forrest Gump, Sin City, Star Trek V (except for
> one line - "What does God need with a starship?)
> Most disappointing recent movie: "The Lion, the Witch, and the
> Wardrobe" - dull, dull, dull.
> TV:
> current favourite - 'House'; things that have Julie Walters in them,
> or Anthony Hopkins.
> Favourite TV last year: Doctor Who. Strong placings by Casanova, QI
> and Mock The Week.
> - Britcoms (Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, etc., anime (in particular Trigun)
> - Doctor Who, Firefly, Dead Like Me, Always Greener, Round the Twist,
> Foyle's War, Cadfael, New Tricks.
> -Anything with David Attenborough
> Buffy the vampire slayer
> BBC 1995 Pride and Prejudice
> New favourite TV comedy ever The Mighty Boosh
> (http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/mightyboosh/,
> http://www.themightyboosh.com)
> TV Show with which I'm currently obsessed: The Sandbaggers!!!!
> - wonton mee; bulgoki; roast beef, yorkshire pudding, broccoli and
> mashed potatoes; pickles; watermelon.
> - garlic (well, it's the common element in a lot of my favourite meals!)
> - apart from chocolate, pasta of all kinds, and soups
> (thick, thin, with noodles...)
> - olives stuffed with blue cheese; chocolate; chicken pie. This list
> could go on and on, because I _do_  like food, but I'll stop there.
> - pasta, spicy Asian food of a variety of sorts, gingerbread (and
> ginger in general), lots of fruits
> -Beverage of preference: coffee - preferably latte - hot and strong
> and in a bowl
> - I am definitely a cat person.
> - Dog person... JR terriers.
> - Dog person
>   -animal of preference:
>         1) at home - cat.
>         2) on tv and in zoos - either Bengal Tiger or the White Rhino,
> with the Giraffe coming in close behind
> - A potted plant person... I talk to them and they grow nicely under
> my care :-)
> Favourite type of cat: Burmese
> - Town Musicians of Bremen (Bremer Stadtmuskikanten - J. and W.
> Grimm) and dimly remembered story from Arabian Nights (abridged
> children's version - it involved a sister rescuing her brothers who
> had been turned to stone, an a bracelet on which the stones stopped
> being moveable when something had happened to one of the brothers)
> - Seven Swans (I liked the fact that the sister had to do all the
> hard heroic work of weaving nettle shirts, plus staying silent seemed
> VERY heroic to me as a chatty child)
> - Beauty and beast
> - Really, the best answer I can give is all of Greek and Norse mythology!
> - The Goose Girl
> - Beauty and the beast, Cinderella
> - Tam Lin
> -Tam Lin, East of the Sun, West of the Moon/Brown Bear of Norway
> Fav fairy tale re-telling: "Jack the Giant Killer" by Charles de Lint
> (assured my worried and feminist 13-year-old self that women could be
> strong fairy-tale heroes too)
> CURRENTLY READING (Probably not current any more):
> -Have just finished 'The Hallowed Hunt' by
> Lois McMaster Bujold - as always an enthralling
> reading experience, opening up a new concept in
> the fantasy genre. I read it at a gallop so will
> have to go back and enjoy the finer points. The
> Curse of Chalion is still my favourite of her
> works, but I'm sure this one will grow on me too.
>   -The Penguin Eliza Acton (1845 cookbook), Bujold's Brothers in Arms, The
> Art of Genes
> - Recently finished Patricia McKillip's Solstice Wood - now Trudi
> Canavan's The Novice
> - "Five Hundred Years After" Steven Brust, "Anansi Boys" Neil Gaiman,
> "Stranger Things Happen" Kelly Link, "A History of God" Karen
> Armstrong, "A Timbered Choir - the Sabbath Poems" Wendell Berry, "The
> Way of Ignorance" Wendell Berry
> - Spellcoats, Deep Secret, Howl's Moving Castle, The Lives of
> Christopher Chant. The Merlin Conspiracy was excellent...
> - Deep Secret; Fire and Hemlock; The lives of Christopher Chant;
> Howl's moving castle; A tale of time city
> - Charmed Life; The Lives of Christopher Chant; Fire and Hemlock;
> Howl's Moving Castle; Hexwood; Deep Secret; Archer's Goon; Tale of
> Time City; Hexwood; Year of the Griffin
> - Fire and Hemlock, Hexwood, Witch Week, Magicians of Caprona
> Fav DWJ: Howl's Moving Castle. 2nd fav DWJ: Charmed Life
> - Sudden Wild Magic, Power of Three, and lots of others.
> - Some favourite scenes in DWJ books:
> The ghost going through the drawers in Time of the Ghost, the washing-up
> spell in Magicians of Caprona, Sirius raging in Dogsbody, Hathaway's
> house in Archer's Goon, the funeral in Fire and Hemlock... also
> depending on what day it is.
> DWJ not read yet: Derkholm, Year of the Griffin, Aunt Maria, Witch's
> Business, Castle in the Air
> First DWJ:
> - Dogsbody
> - Ogre Downstairs
> Favourite web comic:  College Roomies From Hell!!!.
> Exercise - walking
> Some favourite cartoonists: Bill Watterson, Charles Addams, William
> Heath-Robinson, Gary Larson,
> Steve Bell, Posy Simmonds, Giles
> Video Games: _Final Fantasy IV_, _Chrono Trigger_, _Final Fantasy VII_,
> _Xenogears_
> Gardens - cottage kind.
> Books I haven't liked:  Dan Brown.  Can't think of anything else I've
> disliked so much for a long time.  Iain M Banks - Iain Banks I like,
> but the two Iain M Banks I've read seem to really play up the nasty
> element which I can drown out in Iain Banks. Robert Rankin.
> And one un-categorisable book - Requiem for a Woman's Soul, by Omar
> Rivabella.  I read this in an evening, threw up most of the night,
> and joined Amnesty International the next day.  I've never had any
> other book affect me like that.
> Some books I'm waiting for (either to be published at all, or to be in
> paperback to buy):
> Scholar of Magics, The Lies of Locke Lamora, Temeraire, Melusine
> Some favourite blogs:
> Making Light (http://www.nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/), ajhall
> (http://ajhalluk.livejournal.com/ ), mistful
> (http://mistful.livejournal.com/)- if only she updated more often. Her
> reviews of the Harry Potter films are just wonderful.
> - Making Light, Sherwood Smith's LJ (http://sartorias.livejournal.com/)
> Some favourite newsgroups:
> alt.fan.pratchett, alt.books.tom-holt, uk.rec.sheds
> Favourite daytime temperature: 30 Celsius
> Favourite comfort reading:
> - Jill Churchhill ("cosy crime"), Bill Watterson
> - Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum series
> Favourite tree:
> - the huge cedar in front of the house in France my family used to
> spend summer holidays
> - a brilliant tree in Avoca Handweaver's, Wicklow (Ireland!), which
> the (much younger) girls immediately called 'the fairy tree'.  Rowan
> & hazel (and more - tree names can be quite intoxicating!)
> The frustrating distance I currently live from my DWJ book
> collection: 2500 miles/4000 km!
> Favourite poet: Christian Morgenstern.
> Writer who most reminds me of DWJ: Margaret Mahy
> Most disappointing recent read: "A Feast for Crows" by George R. R.
> Martin - all those pages to go . . . .nowhere. And none of my favorite
> characters!
> Most pressing problem right now: Resisting picking up and starting
> "Shards of Honor" for fear that I'll be forced/enticed into re-reading
> the entire Vorkosigan saga when the to-be-read pile is so colossal!
> Favorite Super-Hero: The Flash, Wonder Woman
> Favorite Super-Hero Team: The Legion of Super-Heroes (Long Live the Legion!)
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