[DWJ] Survey Part 3: Everything Else

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Mar 27 08:35:12 EST 2006

Sorry to hear you've been driven mad with curiosity, Judith!  FWIW, I 
did include music, and mine's the one starting with lots of folk and 
trad - but omitting one I was *sure* I'd mentioned: Iron & Wine.  I 
also had one of the two trees (the one in Ireland, unsurprisingly), 
but no film or TV.  And one of the two dog people, and the food with 

I loved your recommendation chain, Bettina - I discovered three of my 
favourites (Connie Willis, Martha Wells and Sherwood Smith's Crown 
and Court Duet) from Amazon, which still amazes me.  And Bujold 
(also) and Cold Comfort Farm here - and then all the indirect routes 
originating in the list: to BookCrossing, to adbooks (where I lurk 
and can usually get books only long after everyone else has finished 
talking about them), and list friends loaning as well as recommending 

And I just saw Temeraire (after reading Sherwood Smith raving about 
the series) in a bookshop today, Jennifer - I only resisted because 
of the (ahem) other books already being bought.  (Ha - all three of 
which can be linked back to this list.)  It looks wonderful.  In 
search of the Scott and Barnett books now.


>Judith wrote:
>>  Has anyone else been driven mad with curiosity about which
>>  person belongs to which 'favourite thing"? Particularly
>>  regarding the music, for some reason...
>I'd like to know who's the other person who really likes Duane's Door
>Into... series. Anyone (except the unwebbed) who cares which answers
>were mine can look at my new livejournal,
>http://shark_hat.livejournal.com - the first entry I put on there was my
>list of things. (But I didn't put any music!)) Many thanks for collating
>that, Hallie.
>There are lots of things in the lists that I really like, and had either
>forgotten about, or decided my lists were long enough already. And
>plenty of new ideas to try out. Lovely.

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