[DWJ] Survey Part 3: Everything Else

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Mar 27 04:17:40 EST 2006

Judith wrote: 
> Has anyone else been driven mad with curiosity about which 
> person belongs to which 'favourite thing"? Particularly 
> regarding the music, for some reason...

I'd like to know who's the other person who really likes Duane's Door
Into... series. Anyone (except the unwebbed) who cares which answers
were mine can look at my new livejournal,
http://shark_hat.livejournal.com - the first entry I put on there was my
list of things. (But I didn't put any music!)) Many thanks for collating
that, Hallie. 

There are lots of things in the lists that I really like, and had either
forgotten about, or decided my lists were long enough already. And
plenty of new ideas to try out. Lovely. 

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