[DWJ] Survey: The blather

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Mar 24 06:14:48 EST 2006

Right, so the next three posts will contain the results for which 
everyone's been breathlessly waiting, no doubt!  We ended up with a 
grand total of 17 contributions, and I've had to take names off the 
lists for collation purposes, so here's who they are:  Kyra, Sally, 
Jennifer, Emma, Bettina, Jane, Sue, Ulrika, Estair, Philip, 
Elizabeth, Rosemary, Charlie, Meredith, Ros, Widdy (and me).  Big 
thank you to everyone who sent me a list - and apologies.  I had to 
take off most comments, which will be understandable when you see the 
lengths of the lists, but it was reluctantly, and in hopes that 
people will repeat them when we get to discussion.  I also had to 
make a lot of decisions about placement of some entries into 
'favourite author' or 'favourite titles/series' category: sometimes 
it was straight-forward, but other times not so easy - I've tried to 
put in 'particularly -- ' or 'except --' comments where possible, but 
may have ended up placing an author or series in the wrong category - 
please feel free to correct the mistake if this has happened.

I really hope, as I said, that people will comment on their own 
choices and ask about others' - but on a practical note, as the posts 
are so long, it'd probably help those who read in digest if people 
snipped as much as possible when doing so.  Also on a practical note, 
I've omitted most accents and avoided italics, bold type, etc, as I 
know these cause problems for some people.  The 'Everything Else' 
section was hard to organise, but only because people threw out such 
interesting and original comments!  Unsurprising, but still a 
delight.  And (last disclaimer) more people didn't include favourite 
DWJs than did, so that list isn't representative.

Finally, a bit of trivia: Bujold is the author most mentioned as 
having been discovered through the DWJ-list.  Interesting to see if 
this remained true if *everyone* listed the favourite books/authors 
they'd read because of recommendations here...


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