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Tue Mar 21 19:18:15 EST 2006

Otter Perry writes: 

> According to some research I did on the web, there are really two
> sets of seven virtures.

My alter ego, Lark Westerly, wrote a novella on the theme of "Diligence" for 
eXtasy Books' "Sins and Virtues" series. It involves a young woman whose 
dyed hair has weird consequences as she indulges her passion for 
redecorating and - ahem - romances the same man at 18, 35 and 56 without 
ever aging herself. 

ODWJR - Small changes, as in Conrad's Fate, herald an upsetting experience 
for the youngest version of the man. 


Challenges failed; a failure descried-
Eleven men down- seven over the side. 

(Tom Journeyman) 

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