[DWJ] Howl movie

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 21 00:58:55 EST 2006

Heh. I just got the DVD and rewatched, and I can fully understand your 
reaction. Some of it is sooo goood, but my favourite part of the book 
was the use of the Donne poem, so I was naturally quite peeved at the movie.


Paul Andinach wrote:

>So, now I've seen the movie version of 'Howl's Moving Castle'.
>(I picture Kylie, if she's still on the list, giving me the same
>bemused look that she gave me a fortnight ago when I told her I'd just
>seen the Doctor Who Christmas special. It is not *my* fault that our
>local cinema is part of the wrong chain.)
>I'm having trouble putting my reaction into words, except that I
>really liked the little dog.

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