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> > Thursday - Justice (the will wants Sir Thursday to
> > face justice)
> > 
> Wouldn't you think it might be Mercy? Arthur, after
> all, tries very hard to 
> ensure that Sir Thursday isn't summarily executed.
>      Devra

If we talking the traditional virtues here they are
Faith, Hope, Charity, Temperance, Justice, Prudence
and Fortitude (although later Chastity was smuggled in
to replace prudence). The closest to Mercy (which
Arthur tries to show to all the Days) is Charity which
he used up in book one. While the Sins are quite
obviously manifested the Virtues seem to appear in
different ways and much less obviously. 
It is an interesting quirk of human nature that most
people can name the Seven Deadly Sins (or at least
most of them) very few can name the virtues. One of
the students at the school in which I teach created a
series of paintings last year based on the seven sins.
They were displayed in the library for a couple of
weeks and most students were able to work out what
they were about, but no-one I challenged could name
even one of the Seven Virtues.


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