[DWJ] please help ID children's book vaguely remembered

sally at sallyodgers.com sally at sallyodgers.com
Mon Mar 20 07:59:38 EST 2006

Gili Bar-Hillel writes: 

> Isn't "Moondial" a little like that, too? I vaguely remember the book. 
> Even "Charlotte Sometimes" and the "Green Knowe" books have some common
> elements. And there's a newer book by Sarah Singleton, "Century", which is
> also a variation on the theme: a little girl trapped in time trying to
> unravel the spell that stuck her family in a single week of a certain
> century.

True, but this IS TWoE. See- 

> > The book was about a 20th century boy who somehow gets
> > into a magic place where a girl from maybe the 1800's
> > is held captive.

He's actually from the early 20th C. She's 100 years earlier. 

 It's a mansion with a magic table
> > that gives her whatever food she wishes for. 


She can
> > walk in a garden outside and be in the house, but
> > that's it. 

YES - it's a magic garden. 

>>And she has a big cat. 

He's called Mantari. 

She's bored and
> > lonely.


> > It seems that her guardian quarreled with a magician
> > and imprisioning her is the magician's revenge.  The
> > modern boy takes it as a quest to free her, and
> > succeeds in the end, and she goes back to her own
> > time.  


But as the modern boy is missing her, he meets
> > his new stepparent? and stepsister? who looks just
> > like his captive friend.  And she writes the name of
> > the cat under his drawing of it.

YES. The new stepsister is called SELINA, the original girl MELISSA and the 


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