[DWJ] please help ID children's book vaguely remembered

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Sun Mar 19 20:35:48 EST 2006

This is, without a doubt, THE WINTER OF ENCHANTMENT, by Victoria Walker. The 
sequel is called A HOUSE CALLED HADLOWS. 


estairm at yahoo.com writes: 

> Hi, all, 
> I've been trying to google a book I remember only a
> few details of.  With no success.  Tried a Book
> Stumper website, and enjoyed the digression, but also
> no results. 
> Then I remembered this group and thought I'd have the
> best chances with you guys. 
> The book was about a 20th century boy who somehow gets
> into a magic place where a girl from maybe the 1800's
> is held captive.  It's a mansion with a magic table
> that gives her whatever food she wishes for.  She can
> walk in a garden outside and be in the house, but
> that's it.  And she has a big cat.  She's bored and
> lonely. 
> It seems that her guardian quarreled with a magician
> and imprisioning her is the magician's revenge.  The
> modern boy takes it as a quest to free her, and
> succeeds in the end, and she goes back to her own
> time.  But as the modern boy is missing her, he meets
> his new stepparent? and stepsister? who looks just
> like his captive friend.  And she writes the name of
> the cat under his drawing of it. 
> Some of this may be wrong.  But oh, does anyone know
> this book? 
> Esther
> in Israel 
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